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Routable AI offers a turnkey fleet management solution for fleets of on-demand shared cars, shuttles and buses. Our revolutionary routing engine allows dynamic routing of vehicles that can be shared by 1 to over 12 passengers at the same time.


We provide a full fleet management stack built around advanced pooling algorithms

Simply bring your own vehicles and drivers, and we will take care of the rest. Our turnkey solution consists of a driver and rider app to enable e-hailing, as well as an operator application built around our shared routing engine. With our tools you bring your fleet to the 21st century, and can dramatically increase the capacity utilisation of your fleet by allowing vehicles to be shared by 1 to over 12 passengers at the same time (depending on vehicle capacity). Your passengers are still provided with a pleasant on-demand experience, as our routing engine guarentees all passengers with a quick and efficient ride.

Vehicle rebalancing
Our software learns from rides booked in the past, and predicts where rides are most likely booked in the near future. Based on this, it can rebalance idle vehicles so that they are always already close to their next pick-up.
Data Privacy
We ensure that your passenger and vehicle data is secure. Your data can be fully anonymized before it reaches our servers, to ensure that your valuable data insights stay only with you.
We provide a full technology solution, as well as an API accessible routing engine. Our routing engine can plug into your existing platforms, instantly enabling you to offer pooled rides. Through an API we receive vehicle locations and transport requests. Within 5 seconds return vehicle schedules.
High Passenger Satisfaction
Our routing engine constraints passenger pick-up and drop-off time so that passengers are guaranteed a maximum drop-off time. This means passengers can choose to pool, without large concessions on reliability and arrival time.
Large Vehicle Capacities
We make efficient routes for vehicles with single passengers, large capacity shuttle vans, or a fleet combining both. Ideal for a highly cost-effective fleet of shuttle vans.
Do you want to do both food and passenger delivery at the same time? Or tailor your fleet to the transportation of elderly people? Our routing engine can easily be adapted to your specific needs.

The Routable AI routing engine

The Routable AI routing engine is uniquely capable of dynamically routing 1 to 12+ seater vehicles.

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